Car Key Replacement

Car keys are important to any automobile owner. The reason behind this is because if you lose or misplace them, you will not be able to enjoy the comfort or ride of your car. Most vehicle owners do not have spare keys and such a case can be very frustrating. When this happens, you will need to get replacement car keys. There are other reasons where you might need to have your keys replaced such as; a stolen key or broken keys. There are two options to choose from while replacing auto keys. One can either go to a locksmith or choose a car dealership. For both options, you will be required to use your own money for the replacement. Therefore, consider the following ideas before making a choice between the two:
You will recognize that auto dealership is more costly in comparison to when you hire an automotive locksmith. The cost of replacing your keys from a dealer can run twice or even thrice that of a locksmith. If you are short of cash or want to save more from the replacement, it is better to go to a locksmith. The money you save can be used for other repairs on your vehicle.
Time Factor
When you you use BAYSIDE LOCKSMITH & SECURITY, you end up saving more time compared to getting a replacement from a dealer. It is possible to get a new set of keys within hours or a matter of days when you hire a locksmith. However this is not the case with a dealer as it might take you one or even two weeks to get a new set of keys. If you are looking to save time, hire the services of a locksmith rather than a car dealership.
We all love convenience. Keep in mind that no one is at ease after finding out that they have lost or misplaced car keys. In the event that you decide to go to a dealership to have your keys replaced, some of the requirements you will need to carry include: a driving permit, automobile identification number, car registration number and so on. This can be a huge hassle considering the situation that you are already in. Generally, car dealers will not do the replacement if you do not have any of those required documents. This however is not the case with BAYSIDE SECURITY & SECURITY. All you will be required to do is call them to replace the keys. It is a faster and more convenient way of doing things.

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Upon hearing the statistics regarding people who travel, it probably painted a beautiful image in your head of Train stations and the airport being jam-packed with people trying to figure out maps, schedules, tickets, and even life itself as they try to make it to friends’ and relatives’ homes.  Surprisingly, most holiday travel (91% to be exact), takes place in the form of a good, old-fashioned, family road-trip, according to the US Bureau of Transportation Statistics.  That being said, the number of people who lose or lock their keys in their vehicle is directly affected, and that is where the automotive locksmiths at Bayside Locksmith & Security come in handy.
1. Bring a spare key with you.
* One way to avoid falling victim to being stranded outside of your vehicle is to have a spare key on you or your vehicle at all times. There are little magnetic lock boxes that can be placed on the undercarriage of your car to ensure that you always have a spare key on you.
* No spare key? No problem, we can have an automotive technician to you to make you a duplicate key. They will be able to provide, cut, and program the key on the spot.
2. Put a tag on your keys with your contact information.
* By simply putting your name and phone number on your key chain you will greatly increase the chances of your keys finding their way back to you.
* We do not advise putting anymore personal information than that on your keys as it could lead to future security issues.
3. Go through a mental checklist when exiting your vehicle.
* If you make it a habit to remind yourself to do a checklist each time you exit your vehicle it will help you remember to grab your keys.
* Each time you leave your vehicle ask yourself a few questions: Do I have my wallet? Do I have my keys? Did I turn my lights out? This exercise will stick with you and become second nature, almost guaranteeing you will never lose or forget your keys again.
4. Lost your keys completely?
* First we recommend retracing your steps, and checking those pesky couch cushions before you panic. If you find your keys, great! If not, there is still no need to panic.
* Don’t worry if you’ve lost your keys, a car key specialist from Bayside Locksmith & Security can come out to your location within as little as 20 minutes to make you a new key on the spot. The new key will be cut and programmed to your vehicle and will have you back on the road within as little as an hour!
* While you have a technician out there making you a replacement car key, it might be time to invest in that spare key we mentioned earlier, especially if you’re already getting a new key made, it will be easier on your wallet, and the technician to make a second key at that time.
We hope that these simple tips will make a big difference in your lives this holiday season. If you have any questions or concerns regarding any residential or automotive locksmith needs you may have this please give us a call Bayside Locksmith & Security . We are availible 24/7/365

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Real Estate/Apartment Manager Services

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Season Greetings from all of us at BAYSIDE LOCKSMITH & SECURITY


If you work to sell the apartments or provide apartments on rent to prospective tenants, then you would have to handle many keys of different apartments and flats. Suppose your new customer is coming to check any apartment and you have lost its keys. It will be a very troubling situation. Even you cannot call the locksmith in front of your customer because he or she can think you are showing an illegal property by breaking its lock. What to do in such situation? The answer is simple, call Bayside Locksmith & Security and get the problem solved within an hour. Look for a locksmith, which can actually provide emergency service: Forgetting the keys of apartments and flats at home can also be a very troubling situation for you if you are a property broker. You should maintain a strong relationship a reliable locksmith agency, which can be available 24/7. You can find online support in such troubling situations. Today, there are many locksmith agencies, which can help you in remaking the new key of high quality locks. An experienced locksmith can also open the locks by applying their knowledge and later prepare new keys. We are experts in our work and can reach your location within a few minutes. Not only do we work to help you in opening your locks, but they also help you in securing your property. If you want to secure your property from thieves and burglars, you can take support of a reliable locksmith agency to apply better security solutions. The locksmith will help you in installing the latest high quality locks in your properties, which would be very difficult to break or open. Choose Bayside Locksmith & Security to get a comprehensive support: Bayside Locksmith & Security is a locksmith company that offers various services. In the real estate business every moment counts and every client is important. You should be in contact with a reliable locksmith company for emergency support. You would certainly not like to face the loss in your property business just because the keys are missing or you have forgotten at home. Of course, there are plenty of locksmith agencies working to help people during the emergency situation. Bayside Locksmith & Security is a better choice because it costs very reasonable charges and promises to provide an instant support. You get high-quality support from a reliable source and it ensures you that there will be no loss in your business. People, who try to find a brick-and-mortar locksmith service, often waste their time and fuel in finding a service provider. You never waste your time, when you work with Bayside Locksmith & Security. Bayside Locksmith & Security responds immediately to all the online inquiries. We CARE about customers’ demands. Bayside Locksmith & Security can help prevent you from breaking locks and assure you for the best support as soon as possible. So, you should rely upon their services instead of trying some DIY…


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Night Vision Security Camera


If your going to invest in a security camera for your business , try to invest in one that also has night vision. This month we will go over night vision security cameras. I mean, have you seen some of the cameras out there—– they are so blurry you can’t make out any details.

A night vision security camera will allow you to monitor an area even in total darkness. Infrared LEDs are built around a night vision camera’s lens, which allows it to capture a video in very scarce lighting. The need for this kind of camera is apparent in many establishments. For example, it can help storage facilities, factories, corporate headquarters, and operational facilities prevent security breaches, which usually occur during the dead of the night. Intruders and criminals know that the darkness of the premises is an advantage because they will not be seen. Installing a night vision security camera will effectively take this advantage away from them.

High-resolution night vision cameras or HD IP security camera systems help a well-manned monitoring station to check the perimeter of any building for any thief. Courtyards and parking lots will also benefit from the installation of these cameras. Future offenders will be discouraged from doing any misconduct because they would know that the cameras would prove their wrongdoings.

In looking for a night vision security camera, go for one that presents powerful IR night vision capability over reasonable distances. Also make sure that your camera is an all-weather model, and that it is sturdy, durable, and has a strong and robust build. The durability of the camera is important for it to stay protected from possible damage by vandals. A night vision camera should be able to work well during the day, and an anti-glare metal shield would prevent the glares from the sun from distorting the footages.

While there are already a lot of night vision security systems available in the market, it is still important to choose from a provider that is reputable and has already been in the business for years. You can check online stores for the best deals. Go for a shop that can ship your purchase for free and offer you a lifetime warranty.

Thank You,

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Owner – Operator

Video Door Bells



I hope everyone has enjoyed the summer. The sun is going down faster and faster everyday. I wanted to share some information on a new look at door bells. Door chimes have come a long way in just a few years. There are several kinds of Video Doorbells to purchase so please do your research when buying a Video Doorbell.

You may have an idea of what is considered safe and unsafe when it comes to protecting your home, but statistics may disprove some of your long-held beliefs about security. For example, contrary to popular belief, most burglaries do not happen in the middle of the night. In fact, 65% of burglaries occur between dawn and dusk, around 6am to 6pm.* Yes, in broad daylight.
Like most of us, who would likely choose the path of least resistance, burglars prefer to strike when they think a house is unoccupied. 34% break-ins occur through the front door, which is more than any other point of entry around the house (e.g., 23% first floor windows, 22% back door, 9% garage, etc.).
They ring the doorbell and knock on the door, and when there’s no answer, they make their move. This is also known as a “knock-knock burglary” to law enforcement officials.
But I can’t be home all the time!
Let’s face it, trying to stay home 24-7 just to prevent break-ins is as realistic as living inside a bubble. You can’t be home at all times, but thanks to security innovations burglars don’t have to know whether you are there or not there. When someone presses the button on your video doorbell, it notifies you via the app on your iOS or Android mobile device (phone or tablet) – whether you’re upstairs or out of state.
You can then view an HD live-stream video of the person(s) at your door, and even interact with them through the two-way audio. This gives the impression that you’re home, or at the very least, it gives them pause. When someone is looking for the easiest way out – or in, as this case may be – they’re likely to be deterred by uncertainties. It’s the uncertainty that diminishes their confidence in breaking in, and that’s what makes Video Doorbells  such an effective home surveillance solution.
And what if they don’t ring the doorbell?
That’s when the built-in motion sensors on the Video Doorbell comes in handy. Motion up to 30 feet will trigger a notification on your app, at which point you can choose whether or not to interact with the person. If it’s simply a package delivery, you can provide explicit instructions for where to place the item when you’re not home.
Or if there’s mail theft, you may even catch them in the act as some people do when the motion detector alerts you wherever you are. The wide-angle camera can catch thieves taking a Amazon package with him as burglar ran off.
Some have optional Video Recording features, you can share the video of suspicious activities with local law enforcement or your neighbors to catch the culprit and prevent further home invasions.
The video doorbell acts as a deterrent for such thefts in that a suspect doesn’t want to approach a house where he will be caught on video. If a theft does still occur, then the cloud storage gives officers the tools to apprehend the suspect and retrieve the victim’s property.
The video doorbell are to easy to install on any surface with proprietary mounting hardware, and should the doorbell ever get stolen, most units can be replaced under warranty from manufaturer.. Once installed, download the video ca,era of your choice app and follow the simple instructions to connect the doorbell to your home Wi-Fi network, protected by bank-grade encryption for further peace of mind, and that’s it – your home is now fortified.

With more and more people considering smart solutions that help increase their efforts in conservation, accessibility, and security, the Video Doorbell is a logical addition to the smart home. After all, if you can install a timer to turn your lights on or off in your house to make it seem like you’re home to prevent burglary, why not take it a step further and foil a potential intrusion with a simple “Can I help you?” at the door?
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Alarm Monitoring and How it Works


I hope you had a great Labor Day Weekend. We have currently added Alarm Monitoring to our services menu. Affordable and Reliable Alarm Monitoring for your home and/or business.

Alarm monitoring is quick and detailed communication between your home security system and the central station of your security provider. Your control panel registers an emergency event and sends a signal to the central monitoring station, where the appropriate authorities are notified and sent to your home.

The technical specifics may be slightly different for each security provider, but the basics of alarm monitoring is similar in any home security system. Your system control panel is the center of a network of sensors, which may include window or door sensors, motion detectors, tamper sensors on the telephone box, or specialized temperature, flood, and smoke detectors. When your system is armed and any of these sensors are triggered, a signal is sent to the monitoring station-typically via your telephone line, although some alarm monitoring systems also offer alternate or backup transmission options.

The first signal sent by your control panel will alert monitoring personnel at the central station, who will call to notify you and confirm whether it’s a real emergency or a false trigger. If you don’t respond, the alarm monitoring service contacts the proper agency to dispatch emergency personnel to your address. Some security systems offer additional features, such as immediate alarms, which don’t depend upon a confirmation call or silent alarms that don’t alert intruders and give them a chance to disable the system before the follow-up signal is sent.

Critical information is sent by your home security system to the alarm monitoring center, including account identification (to access your address and contact information) and the type of sensor that has been triggered.
For example, a smoke detector event will cause the alarm monitoring service to contact the fire department, while the signal from a medical alert pendant will be routed to ambulance or paramedic services.

Unmonitored “local” alarms do provide some important benefits. If you’re home, the alarm noise lets you know that there’s a problem and allows you to take necessary action. The noise may even frighten off some less-determined intruders, but most will simply ignore it and disarm your control panel as soon as possible. Many emergencies are too serious for you to deal with by yourself, especially if you’re disabled or otherwise incapacitated; in most cases, you’ll want police, fire, or medical professionals on the scene as soon as possible.

Around-the-clock alarm monitoring is an essential feature offered by the majority of home security providers. For more provider-specific information on alarm monitoring details and services, you can call us at BAYSIDE LOCKSMITH & SECURITY to discuss alarm monitoring and security system options with a knowledgeable security specialist. BAYSIDE LOCKSMITH & SECURITY is availible 24/7/365


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Picking the Right Lock for Your Home

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I hope you are having a great summer. It is going by fast and I want to thank you for your business and support. In this blog I want to write about the right locks for your home or business.

Picking the right locks for your home can be quite a daunting task. Apart from considering which ones suit your taste, you also have your budget constraints to consider. And then there is the issue of whether the type you have chosen is truly the safest type of lock there is. Before you lose your sanity over the picking the right locks the best locksmiths have spoken and here are a few tips they think you should keep in mind when picking locks:

• Remember that the most expensive locks are not necessarily the best locks. The best ones are those that are the most efficient, easy to handle and are cost-efficient as well.
• The right lock for your home should also fit your budget. It is a big no-no to go way over your budget, just because you want to save face. After all, the locks of your home are not about the most expensive; it is about ensuring that the locks are working perfectly like they should.
• Locks should also be easy to install. Although you can call BAYSIDE LOCKSMITH & SECURITY to help you install the locks, you want to make sure that the locks are not that complicated to deal with. You don’t want to be wasting time on its proper installation. We are here if you do happen to need help with installation.
• The locks you choose should be those that fit the overall design and style of the house. Not only should it blend in with all the rest of the fixtures in the house. At the very least, it shouldn’t stand out like a sore thumb.

BAYSIDE LOCKSMITH & SECURITY recommends the following locks:








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The Importance of 24 Hour Locksmith Services

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I hope you all enjoyed your 4th of July weekend. This month we are talking about the importance of 24 hour Locksmith Services

In order to provide a safe and secure environment, it is very essential to know about the importance of 24 hour Bayside Locksmith & Security services. These services are provided on 24 hour basis to all the customers. There are many situations where we require the services of 24 hour emergency locksmiths who can provide the cheapest locksmiths service.

Nowadays, locksmith’s business is not just pertaining to the keys and locks but is also related to other emergency needs of different kinds of clients. In certain emergency situations, the availability of an expert locksmith in Green Bay and the Fox Cities is really helpful for the users. In the past when the locksmiths used to provide their services for a fraction of a day, people used to face a lot of difficulties. Many times people needed the services of an expert locksmith during an emergency at night or during a holiday and due to the non availability of locksmiths at that time, people have to wait for hours for the solution of their problems. At times waiting for such a long duration makes the situation even worst and may cause the death of many precious lives.

Many people break the keys in the door locks while entering their home. If such a situation occurs at night then how can one wait for hours to get inside? This problem is solved by the 24 hour Bayside Security & Locksmith pro’s services that provide these services 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. They can help you in this situation by providing the extraction of broken key service. You might have observed many people who lock their car doors with the keys inside. Such a situation cannot be handled alone by the person and he or she definitely needs the services of an expert emergency auto locksmith who can provide the emergency door opening services for their convenience.

During a ride at night, you may face a situation when you break your keys in the ignition or the car door. In this situation, the 24 hour emergency locksmiths in Bayside Security & Locksmith can get you out of the trouble during night time. Bayside Locksmith & Security provides exceptional locksmith services even during the public holiday when many other service providers are not available. These 24 hour locksmith services cater the needs of all kinds of customers without referring to time and geographical boundary.

24 hour emergency Bayside Locksmith & Security provide a variety of services like key cutting, replacement of lost keys, lock picking, replacement of broken locks, new ignition keys, emergency lock outs, emergency trunk opening and duplication of high quality vehicle key etc. We also offer the repair services for a wide variety of locks and other security devices like intercom, CCTV and surveillance cameras. Bayside Locksmith & Security service provides the highest quality services with the most reasonable rates.

Thanks ,
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Home Security


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Home security systems play an integral role in keeping homes safe day in and day out. In recent years, different types of home security systems have become increasingly popular among homeowners that seek to prioritize their security, and it is not hard to understand why. There was a time when dogs were the best security alarms available, and when alarms were a luxury good. Nowadays, home security systems are attainable to the average homeowner, and they work swimmingly to ensure that everyone is being kept safe.
There are several different types of alarm systems that homeowners have access too. Most of these systems have their own specifications, but they are each tailored to making sure that your home is being kept as secure as possible.
In this post, we will be paying attention to monitored security systems and the benefits that they give homeowners who are looking for maximum security in their homes. Monitored home systems work in conjunction with alarm system providers who are constantly monitoring the state of your home security via a video feed, or by being notified by an alarm when it is tripped. The major benefit of using a monitored security system is having an extra pair of eyes looking out for you and your family’s safety.
There are many people who wonder exactly how these monitored systems work, luckily for them, the purpose of this post is to show you just how monitored home security systems work to make sure that your home is being kept safe at all times.
What Goes Into It?
Good question! There are many components that come together in order for a monitored security system to work efficiently. These components are split between the parts that are set up in the home and the parts that are set up in the monitoring companies office. The basic concept behind a monitored system lies in the transmission of data between your home and your security provider.
In order for this process to be carried out, your home security system has to make use of several integral parts that will make the entire process much more streamlined. The main ingredient is the central control panel and this is the component, which the general public is most used to seeing when anyone is talking about a security system. The control panel is like the motherboard of your security system. It allows you to control the other facets of the system while also giving you the ability to arm or disarm it. In addition to this, your control panel is responsible for relaying the status of your alarm system to the monitoring company so that they know the appropriate action to take.
The control panel works in conjunction with surveillance cameras, motion detectors, smart locks, smoke detectors and door and window sensors. Each of these pieces of your alarm system is constantly feeding data to your control panel which gives is the ability to effectively monitor every inch of your home.
Surveillance Cameras work effectively and give homeowners an extra set of eyes around their home. These cameras either come as wired or wireless cameras that are either IP or Analog. Each of these cameras is capable of being integrated with a home security system. They also give homeowners the option of remotely accessing the video feed in case they need to check up on the state of their home while they are away.
Motion sensors and detectors come in handy because they alert homeowners to the presence of any intruder before they can get too far. The same concept applies to window and door sensors. These sensors are extremely important to have, and they work even better when they are part of an integrated system. Door and window sensors are some of the oldest known security devices, and they have been used for ages. The only thing that has changed is that they now operate with new and improved technology. Many of these sensors employ the use of a reed switch and a magnet, which come together to form a closed circuit. A closed circuit allows for the free flow of electricity from a power source. If the magnet and the reed switch are separated while the circuit is closed (and the circuit switch is on), then the sensor will relay the information to your control panel. This will then relay that information to you and to your monitoring service. This creates an umbrella of protection around every corner of your home.
How Does It Keep You Safe?
It is important for people to realize that safety is, and always will be, a time sensitive matter. This is why response times have such a huge role to play in just how effective safety protocols are, and this does not just apply to the home. If you take a look at institutions like law enforcement or health care facilities, you will realize that time plays a huge factor in the way things pan out. A five-second delay could very well be the deciding factor on whether someone gets to live or not.
The interconnectedness between time and safety has been the driving force in the home security industry for years, and this is the same concept that fuels monitored home security systems. If breaches in your home are caught and relayed in real time, it puts you ahead of the curve and gives you the upper hand in a situation that would normally overwhelm you, or take you by surprise.
Monitored systems cover, almost, every inch of your home and they work effectively well to keep you safe. There are essentially two types of monitored systems; 3rd party monitored systems and self monitored systems .A 3rd party monitored system gives homeowners the comfort of knowing that there will always be someone watching over them and keeping them secure. On the other hand, self-monitored systems cut out the middle man and put homeowners in charge of their own security by streamlining the notification and alert process. The reach that third party monitoring affords homeowners security even when they are not at home to respond to an alert on your control panel. This comes in handy when homeowners are away on vacation, or away from their homes for extended periods of time. Most of the monitored alarm systems will attempt to notify you once the alarm has been triggered. If you do not respond to them reaching out, they proceed to notify the authorities in order to ensure that your home and your property are being kept secure.
Each of these monitored systems has their own unique settings, which can be tweaked by homeowners to fit specific needs. For instance, some of these alarms can be set to notify authorities as soon as the alarm is tripped. Even though this can prove to be annoying because of false alarms, it does come in handy in the case that you are actually in trouble. Imagine, if you will, a scenario where a home is broken into while the homeowner is still at home. In an instance like this, it is very likely that the homeowner will not be able to call the authorities in time. They might not even have any idea that anyone has broken into their home. However, with a monitored alarm system that has round-the-clock service available, a homeowner will always be kept safe.
Home Security has evolved over the years, and the way it is monitored has changed drastically. The world has gravitated away from guard dogs to monitoring services. The driving force behind this trend is the urge to make homes safer no matter the time or the day and regardless of whether homeowners are present or not. So far, the home security industry is doing an exceedingly awesome job at keeping families secure, and monitored security systems are a big part of this.

Whether your looking to install a new security system or upgrade your current system , there is only one place you should go : BAYSIDE LOCKSMITH & SECURITY.
Available 24/7/365.

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Elements of Key Structure

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While the key is an everyday object with a long history of human use, it operates with a precise design that often isn’t completely understood by the everyday person, or ever really seen. While being uniform – in the sense that it’s usually analog – not digital, and reprogrammable – a key’s usability relies on it being physically intact, with no damage or warping. It can help to understand the structure of keys in order to more quickly assess if a key is broken, or to determine the best key for your household or business. In this blog entry, Bayside Locksmith & Security will give some detail as to the different elements of key structure, and their variances key by key.

Bow or Head
This area is called the key head, located at the cop of the key. The shape of the bow or head varies uniquely depending on the type of design or lock brand you’re working with. Almost all keys have a small hole in the bow or head for connection with key rings.
The key’s grooves are made to fit within certain cylinder spaces within the structure of the lock. The specific variances in the grooves/cylinder spaces helps distinguish a lock and key set from another, and helps you choose the specific right type of key blank for duplication. As the key moves into the lock, the grooves on the blade line up with the wards, the empty spaces in the keyway, allowing or not allowing entrance into the cylinder. Then the pointed teeth and notches on the blade called bittings let the inner pins or wafers in a lock to move until they align inside the cylinder, allowing it to freely rotate inside the lock which opens it.
Shoulder stop
This integral part of a key’s design helps regulate exactly how far the key blade enters into the lock – and has the additional use of bolstering the key’s alignment in the key-making cutting process.
This area refers to the length of the key from the shoulder stop to the tip.
This area refers to the very bottom of the key, which can help align a key in situations where it has no shoulder .

Bayside Locksmith & Security can duplicate any key should you need a back up or if you have misplaced it. We are available 24/7/365