How can we help you?

A locksmith is a specialist.  We can sometimes do magic with locks.  We always offer our best, professional advice for your security.

What can BAYSIDE LOCKSMITH & SECURITY do for you today?

When you are thinking about spending some of your hard earned cash on improving your locks, spend some time talking with our locksmith about the proper way to design your locking system.  Often we are rushed for emergency service and you end up with additional keys or locks that should be only temporary.

It is easy to take a lock for granted.  A lock is the most reliable machine that we use everyday.  We think that the builder or previous owner installed the best lock for our needs. This is rarely the case.  I encourage you to review all your locks and keys when you need service on just one.

One Key to Rule Them All
Using the most basic locksmith skills, we can give you one key that opens every door in your house or even every lock you use everyday!  No need for a large ring of keys.

When you lose control of your keys we can cancel the lost key and create a new key for your locks.  If your lock is in good working order this is just regular maintenance.

Our locksmith can take a series of doors, as you will see in an apartment building or condo, and make a key for each door that will only open that one door.  Next we make a master key that will open all the doors.  The manager of the building will carry the master key in case of an emergency.

Thank You,

Todd Theroux