Car Key Replacement Tricks

Nearly a quarter of Americans lose their house or car keys twice a week. This can cause these people to be late for school or work. What’s worse is that they may end up losing their keys permanently and paying for a replacement. 

This situation can be inconvenient when it comes to replacing a key fob. Not only can a key fob replacement be expensive, but the process of getting one can get complicated. However, it may not be as difficult as you think. 

If you’re interested in learning some car key replacement tricks, read on. 

1. Buying an Aftermarket Key Fob

The basic process of getting a new key fob costs anywhere from $150 to $500. This final price is usually made from two major costs. Your dealership will charge you for the key fob itself and then for key fob programming services. 

There are a few ways to lessen this price, but many are risky. One is to purchase an aftermarket key fob from an online seller. You can then bring it in to a dealership and ask them to program it for you. 

There’s a big risk to this method, though. Many online stores only sell cheap knockoff versions of key fobs. These can either work poorly or not work at all. 

What’s worse is that a dealership won’t refund the programming cost if your aftermarket key fob doesn’t work. 

2. Programming a Key Fob Yourself 

Another way to make replacing car keys cheaper is to program a key fob yourself. This is especially easy if you already have two working fobs and need a third. Your car owner’s manual can instruct you on how to perform this task. 

Also, if your key fob is merely damaged, you may not need programming at all. Switching the internet circuitry from your old key fob to a new key fob shell is possible. Try this before attempting key fob programming. 

Keep in mind, though, that you may not be able to program more advanced key fobs. 

3. Replacing a Key Fob Using a Locksmith

BAYSIDE LOCKSMITH & SECURITY can provide cheaper services than a dealership. There may, however, be limits on their abilities. Locksmiths often don’t have the information or equipment necessary to program a car key replacement. 

One reason this happens is that some dealerships and/or brands won’t provide locksmiths with the codes they need. Another reason is that more advanced fobs can need special equipment that locksmiths don’t have.

Hire BAYSIDE to Replace Your Car Keys or Fob 

As a final tip, remember that sometimes a great expense will be much less than many minor expenses. Don’t keep refusing to pay a larger price because you want to get a good deal. It may be that paying hundreds for replacing a key fob is all you can do. 

When you need a car key replacement, contact us. We can provide automotive locksmith services to over a dozen brands. BAYSIDE LOCKSMITH & SECURITY offers 24/7 emergency services, including on-site key replacement. 

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Todd Theroux