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BAYSIDE can help with moving that SAFE

Need help moving a heavy Safe? Need a NEW SAFE? Residential and\or Commercial. BAYSIDE LOCKSMITH & SECURITY Professionals Have the Experience Needed! A safe is not a purchase you make very often, so you probably haven’t moved one before. An experienced safe moving team does it all the time. They know how to get a […]

What to do if you get locked out of your home

Nobody plans on or wants to be locked out of their home. But unfortunately, it does happen. It can be because you left the key inside the door or because you think your partner has the key and vice versa. The question is, once you’re locked out, what do you do? Stay calm and read […]

Different Kinds Of Safes and Functions

Safes have a variety of functions, and all of them include protection of any important documents or any other type of valuable item. Such things require protection from theft and floods, fires, or any other natural disaster. There are different types of safes, but the two main types of safes are those which are designed […]

Finding the Right Safe

If you manage a commercial space, you know that there are some things you need to keep safe and secure. However, how to keep these items safe comes with many different options.  Here are some of the most important things to consider when it comes to picking out a commercial safe. Size. Depending on your […]

Moving / Delivery Safe Service

  Full-sized safes are built to be strong and heavy. You want something that will help protect your guns, valuables, and important papers from thieves, fire, curious children. You might be tempted to load your safe in the back of your truck and try to carry it into your home or business yourself, but you’re […]

Car Key Replacement Tricks

Nearly a quarter of Americans lose their house or car keys twice a week. This can cause these people to be late for school or work. What’s worse is that they may end up losing their keys permanently and paying for a replacement.  This situation can be inconvenient when it comes to replacing a key […]

Signs you need to change your Lock

You know that feeling when you just can’t seem to find your keys, and you start to panic because you’re late for an important meeting? Or when you come home from a long day and realize you don’t have your keys to get into your house? Yeah, those are both pretty terrible feeling. But what’s […]

What to do when a Key Breaks in a Lock

What should you do when your key breaks in the lock? You’re back home after an exhausting day at work. You reach your porch and insert your key and ‘SNAP’, the key breaks in the lock. When you’re looking forward to having dinner and a good night’s sleep, the broken key in your lock ruins […]

Lock & Key Facts

Locks & keys help us to control and manage access to our homes, offices, businesses, and belongings. They enable us to deter unauthorized access to properties and physical assets; thereby making us feel secure. If there were no locks and keys, theft would be the order of the day, and most people wouldn’t feel secure […]

How can we help you?

A locksmith is a specialist.  We can sometimes do magic with locks.  We always offer our best, professional advice for your security. What can BAYSIDE LOCKSMITH & SECURITY do for you today? When you are thinking about spending some of your hard earned cash on improving your locks, spend some time talking with our locksmith […]