Choosing Door Locks


When it comes to the safety of your home, there is no room for error. Across the country, there are around 2 million home burglaries every year. That breaks down to one every 13 seconds. Of that number, 58.3 percent are forcible entries. While the overall numbers are down from previous years, this is not a statistic you want to be part of. There are some crimes that will happen because the criminal is determined to get into the house and take what you have, and others that are crimes of opportunity. The criminal is checking out the house and finds a relatively easy way to get into it. We’ll go over some factors that make your home an appealing target, or not. When you need a locksmith in Wisconsin, call Bayside Locksmith & Security.

It is good to define the terms that are used in discussing home robberies. The difference between these two terms is based on whether you are home or not. If you are home and someone enters, it is considered a home invasion. If you are not home, it is a burglary. The idea of a home invasion occurring while we sleep and having to fend off a burglar is most homeowners’ idea of a nightmare. But, statistically, your home is much more likely to be burglerized while you are away at work during the day. Of course, if you work during the night and are at home sleeping during the day, the chances of a home invasion are increased.
One of the finest distinctions that burglars look for in accessing a home is if it is a hard target or a soft target. For tactically-minded people, this distinction means whether the target is defenseless and generally lacking in situational awareness, the skill of being aware and of what is going on around you. One of the best ways to be a hard target, next to devoting yourself to armed defense of your home, is to make it hard for someone to enter by making sure all the doors and windows are locked.
Bayside Locksmith & Security has the best locks on the market and can install them on your doors. Todd is a master locksmith with years of experience and can install the best lock for your door. Residential and/or Commercial. Availible 24/7/365


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Introduction to BOSE

imageWe are so proud to tell you that Bayside has become part of the BOSE family. We will specialize in sales and installation. Don’t worry, we still do locksmith and security services! It wasn’t until I purchased a BOSE sound bar that my interest was at a all time high. BOSE has been a leader in their respective field and cannot wait to share these products with my customers. I’ve done my research and feel I should share it with my customers.

Since 1964, Bose has been dedicated to better sound through research and innovation. When it comes to speakers, Bose is a top performer. From home theaters speakers, noise cancelling headphones, wi-fi music systems, and Blue Tooth speakers, Bose has something for every lifestyle and activity.

If you’re in the market for a Bose product or you just want to come a listen to see what all the fuss is about ,Bayside Security & Locksmith, is the place to be.Bose products are simply the best. BOSE products imclude the newest Bose headphones including sport headphones and noise cancelling headphones, audio systems, sound bars, receivers and amplifiers, and even Bose home Theaters in a box.

The list of major Bose innovations continues to grow. Fourteen years of research led to the development of acoustic waveguide speaker technology, found in our award-winning Wave® radio, Wave® music system and Acoustic Wave® music systems. Acoustimass® speaker technology reshaped conventional thinking about the relationship between speaker size and sound, enabling palm-sized speakers to produce audio quality previously thought impossible from speakers so small.

Today, you can find Bose wherever quality sound is important. From the Olympic games to the Sistine Chapel. From NASA space shuttles to the Japan National Theatre. In the home and on the road, from large outdoor arenas to intimate neighborhood stores, restaurants and clubs, you can hear the realism of the most respected name in sound.

If you’re interested in discovering the perfect lifestyle sound system for you, contact Bayside Locksmith & Security. You’re ears will thank you!


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Garage Door Security



Your home garage door security is perhaps one of the areas that is most neglected by the majority of homeowners. The garage is one of the most vulnerable points of entry in the home. Unfortunately, not all homeowners are aware of this fact and believe that they are completely safe when their garage doors are closed. Bayside Locksmith & Security can advise you on how to burglar-proof your garage. It’s easier than you think. Here are some tips to get you started.

Invest in Updated Openers to Avoid Door Hacking
No one can deny the convenience of using a garage door opener, which is why most homes now use one. One drawback to this, however, is the possibility of door hacking. Older garage door openers function using specific codes that enable the door to open. Burglars can make use of devices that use the same code, and open maybethousands of garage doors that have the same opener. Experts recommend as added home garage door security to upgrade to newer “rolling-code” openers that don’t just use fixed codes, but generate a new code each time the door is opened.

Look for Built-in High-Tech Security Features
Some garage door openers come with additional security features. For instance, a self-closing system can put your mind at ease of whether you left the garage door open or not. These systems can be adjusted to time how long the door remains open, and you can override it if needed. You may also look into placing monitors on the doors. These will tell you exactly where there are doors open through sensors.

Get a Backup Lock for When You Go Away
When you’re going away for a long time, and no one will be left to look after the house, I would recommend unplugging the opener. This way, even a would-be thief will be effectively kept out. Still, physically locking the door is the safest way to go. Put a padlock on the throw latch of your garage and put a deadbolt lock on the door between the house and the garage as well.
Prevent burglars from making off with your priceless possessions. Bayside Locksmith & Security can offer you more home garage door security options and products to make your home or business more secure.

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Burglar Resistant Homes


Burglar Resistant Homes


I hope you are all having a great start to the New Year! Just because the weather is cold, doesn’t mean burglars are hibernating.

There are a number of measures that homeowners can take to ensure that their homes are not attractive to burglars. If clients are concerned about break-ins, inspectors can pass on to them basic strategies for burglar-proofing their homes.

Some interesting statistics concerning break-ins in the United States:

* InterNACHI estimates that theft makes up more than three-quarters of all reported crime.
* In 2005, law enforcement agencies reported more than 2 million burglary offenses.
According to a survey, burglars enter homes through the following locations:

* 81 percent enter through the first floor;
* 34 percent of burglars enter through the front door;
* 23 percent enter through a first-floor window;
* 22 percent enter through the back door
* 9 percent enter through the garage;
* 4 percent enter through the basement;
* 4 percent enter through an unlocked entrance;
* 2 percent enter through a storage area; and
* 2 percent enter anywhere on the second floor.
Exterior Doors:
* Doors should be made of steel or solid-core wood construction. Hollow-core wood doors are more easily broken than heavy, solid-core doors.
* Doors should be free of signs of rot, cracks and warping.
* Doors should be protected by quality deadbolt locks. Chain locks are not adequate substitutes for deadbolt locks, although chain locks may be used as additional protection.
* If a mail slot is present, it should be equipped with a cage or box. Mailslots that are not equipped with cages or boxes have been used by burglers to enter homes.  Burglars can insert a contraption made of wire and cord into the mail slot and use it to open the lock from the inside, if no box or cage is present.
* If a door is equipped with glass panes, they should be installed far from the lock. Otherwise, burglars can smash the glass and reach through the door to unlock the door.
* Spare keys should not be hidden in obvious locations. Burglars are very good at finding keys that homeowners believe are cleverly hidden. The best place for a spare key is in the house of a trusted neighbor. If keys must be hidden near the door, they should not be placed in obvious locations, such as under a doormat, rock or planter.
* A peephole can be installed in doors so homeowners can see who is on their doorstep before they open the door.
* Clients should consider installing bump-resistant locks on their doors. “Bumping” is a technique developed recently that can open almost any standard lock with less effort than is required by lock-picking. This technique uses “bump keys,” which are normal keys with slight modifications. Lock companies such as Schlage Primus and Medeco manufacture a number of locks that offer some bump-resistance.
Pet Doors:
* Pet doors can be used by burglars to enter homes. Some burglars have reached through pet doors in order to unlock the door. It is advisable to not have a pet door, but if one is necessary, it should be as small as possible and installed far from the lock.
* A crafty burglar may convince or coerce a small child to crawl through a pet door and unlock the door. Also, some burglars are children.
* Electronic pet doors are available that open only when the pet, equipped with a signaling device in their collar, approaches the door. These doors are designed to keep stray animals out of the home, and may provide protection against burglars, as well.
Sliding Glass Doors:
* They should be equipped with locks on their tops and bottoms.
* They should not be able to be lifted from their frames.
* A cut-off broom handle, or a similar device, can be laid into the door track to prevent it from being opened.
* Lights should be installed on the exterior of all four sides of the house. Burglars prefer darkness so they cannot be seen by neighbors or passersby.
* When building occupants are not home, a few lights should be left on.
* It is helpful to install exterior lights that are activated by motion sensors. Burglars that are suddenly illuminated may flee.
* All windows should be composed of strong glass, such as laminated glass, and be in good operating order.
* They can be installed with bars, grilles, grates or heavy-duty wire screening. Barred windows must be equipped with a quick-release mechanism so occupants can quickly escape during a fire.
* Windows should not be hidden by landscaping or structures. If landscaping or structures cannot be moved, lighting can be installed around the windows.
Landscape and Yard:
* Shrubs and trees should not obscure the view of entrances. Shielded entrances can provide cover for burglars while they attempt to enter the residence.
* Fences are helpful burglar deterrents, although they should not be difficult to see through.
While the house is vacant:
* A loud radio can be used to make burglars think someone is home. Timers can be used to activate radios and lights to make the home seem occupied.
* A car should always be parked in the driveway. A neighbor’s car can be parked there so that it appears as if someone is home.
* The lawn should be cut regularly. Uncut grass is a clue that no one is home.
Other tips:
* Dogs are excellent burglar deterrents. For clients who cannot own dogs, they can place “beware of dog” signs around the yard for nearly the same effect.
* If no security system is installed, the client can post security alarm stickers around the yard.

In summary, there are a number of tactics that inspectors can pass on to their clients that will help safeguard their homes from break-ins. There is no substitute for a good alarm system. A quality, monitored alarm system can also contact help in the event of a fire, break-in, flood, or carbon monoxide leak even if you are not at home. Call Bayside Locksmith & Security for ALL of your security needs.(Residential/Commercial). We are available 24/7/365.

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Home and Office Alarms

Happy New Year from all of us at Bayside Locksmith & Security. As you know there is no better protection for your home than a security system. Technology has come a long way especially with the help of ipads,iphones,tablets, or whatever device you might be using.

Installing a home or office alarm and monitored security system can protect your property and loved ones. Without a monitored system, your alarm only works to the extent that somebody is there to hear it and manually call the police to notify them of a breaking or fire. If you want complete protection regardless of your location or distance from your home or business, you should install a security system in your home.

Benefits of a Monitored Security System
Businesses and homes with security systems are 60 percent less likely to be broken into than homes that don’t have protection. If you add a monitored security system to your home, you can rest easy in the knowledge fo your home’s upgraded security, as well gaining these benefits.
* Burglary Deterrence
Since burglars don’t want to get caught, they are much less likely to target your home if they are aware that it’s under 24/7 security monitoring by a professional company.
* Evidence Recording
If a burglary or other crime happens, video monitoring can provide truthful and revelatory evidence to police that might lead to the catching of any criminal.
* Authority Notification
Your monitored home security system automatically notifies local authorities if it detects circumstances that you program. Most keypads also have emergency panic buttons – for police, fire, or medical situations) that notify appropriate first responders. This helps cut back on the amount of time it will take to get help from first responders, and can incredibly useful in any sort of emergency.
* Home Insurance Discounts
For the most part, many major home insurance providers give up to a twenty percent discount on premiums for any home with a monitored security system.

Many other electronic monitoring system solutions are available including:
* Wireless Monitoring – If your home lacks a landline phone, your security system can be monitored through the use of healthy cell phone signals and wireless monitoring.
* Fire monitoring – Smoke detectors and fire alarms are essential for any kind of indoor space. Responsible business owners must consider what would happen in the event of a power surge or fire in your home when nobody is there. By utilizing a wireless fire monitoring system, you will be notified remotely by the system as soon as any sort of fire is detected.
* Medical Monitoring – Individuals can maintain independent living while still having the option to summon medical assistance at the push of a button. Medical pendants or key fobs can be worn on the body at all times as integrated into a wireless system, and can be activated at any time where an individual might feel the need for medical help.

Cheers to a great and prosperous 2017

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Don’t get locked out!

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Happy Holidays from Bayside Locksmith & Security

It is that time of season when the cold and snow are coming. You do not want to be locked out of your vehicle, home, or business. Being locked out of house is a situation that can happen to anyone and at anytime of the night or day.
Most people have come home from a night out and found they’ve lost their keys in the course of the night. Similarly several friends have returned from holiday to discover their keys did not make it back with them. To those people, saving a Locksmiths’ number in their phones is real a great idea. However this should not be limited to individual who have faced the situation only since the scenario can find anybody. If you have a reputation for losing your keys make sure you’ve got a 24 hour Locksmith in your contacts. Keep Bayside Locksmith & Security on speed dial.
Locksmiths are not only there for you if you’re locked out of house but available to change your locks after a break-in too. Experiencing a break-in at your home can be very unnerving but Todd ,from Bayside Locksmith & Security,can put your mind at ease again, securing your home quickly and advising on other security measures to prevent a burglary in the future. Bayside Locksmith & Security can attend to private residential properties and business premises with the same speed and efficiency.
Apart from the lock opening services we also offer other services such as installation and repair, lock sales and repair and mobile lock smith services. All these ensure that you are able to carry out your day to day activities without having to worry about intruders or being locked out of house for long. This is very important given the fact that time lost can never be recovered. I ensure that the customers I deal with are fully satisfied before they actually leave. This has an effect that will make you feel special enough to be given that kind of attention.
Generally, locksmiths ensures that people are not inconvenienced by any cases of being denied access to any room simply because the lock has not been maintained well or you lost the keys. The fact that they get to offer all these services at very affordable rates makes them a very popular choice among most residents. It is usually said that the great ones do not have to walk to find clients but are rather found by the clients themselves. Take that as a challenge and avoid those embarrassing moments when you cannot access your own room.
You’ll also be happy to know the service at Bayside Locksmith & Security is impeccable; I operate on a rapid response basis so you’re not waiting around.

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Locksmith Tools


I would like to start out by saying thanks for your business and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Please enjoy the first of many blogs that I will be publishing bi weekly/monthly.


There are dozens of different locksmith tools that I use which can be used for all sorts of lock picking requirements. I also have tools to open basic locks, vaults, and safes, but the most basic tool for any locksmith is called a pick. A pick can be used to open simple locks and purchasing a pick is not hard to buy like many sophisticated locksmith tools.
Now, if a simple lock pick is not working, by-pass tools can be used too. These tools are used to remove the cylinders of locks or for shimming locks open, like car doors. Shimming a lock usually involves a tool to press the lock back into place.
Aside from just opening locks, I have tools for a number of other functions like broken key tools. Broken key tools are used to extract bits of a key that may have gotten stuck inside a lock. These often work by sliding into the lock beside the broken key and hooking the bits to pull them out. Also, there are other tools used to make new keys, and to rekey old locks. If it is necessary to change a lock completely, I could use a pin set to rekey the lock.

Aside from lock picking tool sets (pictured), there are many other tools that I use for lock picking. These include: lock pick guns, pocket knife sets, and tubular picks.
Lock pick guns are one of the simplest ways of opening locks, and many work simply by inserting the gun and pressing a button. Pocket knife sets come with a number of lock picking tools, all which fit conveniently in Tubular picks are used to open tubular-shaped locks.
Bayside Locksmith and Security has a number of automotive lock pick tools used to open car doors or to resolve problems associated with the ignition. These automotive tools range from scopes used to see the inside of car doors to tools for unlocking steering wheels.

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