Video Door Bells



I hope everyone has enjoyed the summer. The sun is going down faster and faster everyday. I wanted to share some information on a new look at door bells. Door chimes have come a long way in just a few years. There are several kinds of Video Doorbells to purchase so please do your research when buying a Video Doorbell.

You may have an idea of what is considered safe and unsafe when it comes to protecting your home, but statistics may disprove some of your long-held beliefs about security. For example, contrary to popular belief, most burglaries do not happen in the middle of the night. In fact, 65% of burglaries occur between dawn and dusk, around 6am to 6pm.* Yes, in broad daylight.
Like most of us, who would likely choose the path of least resistance, burglars prefer to strike when they think a house is unoccupied. 34% break-ins occur through the front door, which is more than any other point of entry around the house (e.g., 23% first floor windows, 22% back door, 9% garage, etc.).
They ring the doorbell and knock on the door, and when there’s no answer, they make their move. This is also known as a “knock-knock burglary” to law enforcement officials.
But I can’t be home all the time!
Let’s face it, trying to stay home 24-7 just to prevent break-ins is as realistic as living inside a bubble. You can’t be home at all times, but thanks to security innovations burglars don’t have to know whether you are there or not there. When someone presses the button on your video doorbell, it notifies you via the app on your iOS or Android mobile device (phone or tablet) – whether you’re upstairs or out of state.
You can then view an HD live-stream video of the person(s) at your door, and even interact with them through the two-way audio. This gives the impression that you’re home, or at the very least, it gives them pause. When someone is looking for the easiest way out – or in, as this case may be – they’re likely to be deterred by uncertainties. It’s the uncertainty that diminishes their confidence in breaking in, and that’s what makes Video Doorbells  such an effective home surveillance solution.
And what if they don’t ring the doorbell?
That’s when the built-in motion sensors on the Video Doorbell comes in handy. Motion up to 30 feet will trigger a notification on your app, at which point you can choose whether or not to interact with the person. If it’s simply a package delivery, you can provide explicit instructions for where to place the item when you’re not home.
Or if there’s mail theft, you may even catch them in the act as some people do when the motion detector alerts you wherever you are. The wide-angle camera can catch thieves taking a Amazon package with him as burglar ran off.
Some have optional Video Recording features, you can share the video of suspicious activities with local law enforcement or your neighbors to catch the culprit and prevent further home invasions.
The video doorbell acts as a deterrent for such thefts in that a suspect doesn’t want to approach a house where he will be caught on video. If a theft does still occur, then the cloud storage gives officers the tools to apprehend the suspect and retrieve the victim’s property.
The video doorbell are to easy to install on any surface with proprietary mounting hardware, and should the doorbell ever get stolen, most units can be replaced under warranty from manufaturer.. Once installed, download the video ca,era of your choice app and follow the simple instructions to connect the doorbell to your home Wi-Fi network, protected by bank-grade encryption for further peace of mind, and that’s it – your home is now fortified.

With more and more people considering smart solutions that help increase their efforts in conservation, accessibility, and security, the Video Doorbell is a logical addition to the smart home. After all, if you can install a timer to turn your lights on or off in your house to make it seem like you’re home to prevent burglary, why not take it a step further and foil a potential intrusion with a simple “Can I help you?” at the door?
Thank you for your business,
Todd Theroux