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Car Key Replacement

Car keys are important to any automobile owner. The reason behind this is because if you lose or misplace them, you will not be able to enjoy the comfort or ride of your car. Most vehicle owners do not have spare keys and such a case can be very frustrating. When this happens, you will […]

    Upon hearing the statistics regarding people who travel, it probably painted a beautiful image in your head of Train stations and the airport being jam-packed with people trying to figure out maps, schedules, tickets, and even life itself as they try to make it to friends’ and relatives’ homes.  Surprisingly, most holiday travel […]

Real Estate/Apartment Manager Services

Season Greetings from all of us at BAYSIDE LOCKSMITH & SECURITY   If you work to sell the apartments or provide apartments on rent to prospective tenants, then you would have to handle many keys of different apartments and flats. Suppose your new customer is coming to check any apartment and you have lost its […]

Night Vision Security Camera

  If your going to invest in a security camera for your business , try to invest in one that also has night vision. This month we will go over night vision security cameras. I mean, have you seen some of the cameras out there—– they are so blurry you can’t make out any details. […]

Video Door Bells

    I hope everyone has enjoyed the summer. The sun is going down faster and faster everyday. I wanted to share some information on a new look at door bells. Door chimes have come a long way in just a few years. There are several kinds of Video Doorbells to purchase so please do […]

Alarm Monitoring and How it Works

I hope you had a great Labor Day Weekend. We have currently added Alarm Monitoring to our services menu. Affordable and Reliable Alarm Monitoring for your home and/or business. Alarm monitoring is quick and detailed communication between your home security system and the central station of your security provider. Your control panel registers an emergency […]

Picking the Right Lock for Your Home

I hope you are having a great summer. It is going by fast and I want to thank you for your business and support. In this blog I want to write about the right locks for your home or business. Picking the right locks for your home can be quite a daunting task. Apart from […]

The Importance of 24 Hour Locksmith Services

I hope you all enjoyed your 4th of July weekend. This month we are talking about the importance of 24 hour Locksmith Services In order to provide a safe and secure environment, it is very essential to know about the importance of 24 hour Bayside Locksmith & Security services. These services are provided on 24 […]

Home Security

  Home security systems play an integral role in keeping homes safe day in and day out. In recent years, different types of home security systems have become increasingly popular among homeowners that seek to prioritize their security, and it is not hard to understand why. There was a time when dogs were the best […]

Elements of Key Structure

While the key is an everyday object with a long history of human use, it operates with a precise design that often isn’t completely understood by the everyday person, or ever really seen. While being uniform – in the sense that it’s usually analog – not digital, and reprogrammable – a key’s usability relies on […]