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Choosing Door Locks

When it comes to the safety of your home, there is no room for error. Across the country, there are around 2 million home burglaries every year. That breaks down to one every 13 seconds. Of that number, 58.3 percent are forcible entries. While the overall numbers are down from previous years, this is not […]

Introduction to BOSE

We are so proud to tell you that Bayside has become part of the BOSE family. We will specialize in sales and installation. Don’t worry, we still do locksmith and security services! It wasn’t until I purchased a BOSE sound bar that my interest was at a all time high. BOSE has been a leader […]

Garage Door Security

  Your home garage door security is perhaps one of the areas that is most neglected by the majority of homeowners. The garage is one of the most vulnerable points of entry in the home. Unfortunately, not all homeowners are aware of this fact and believe that they are completely safe when their garage doors […]

Burglar Resistant Homes

Burglar Resistant Homes   I hope you are all having a great start to the New Year! Just because the weather is cold, doesn’t mean burglars are hibernating. There are a number of measures that homeowners can take to ensure that their homes are not attractive to burglars. If clients are concerned about break-ins, inspectors […]

Home and Office Alarms

Happy New Year from all of us at Bayside Locksmith & Security. As you know there is no better protection for your home than a security system. Technology has come a long way especially with the help of ipads,iphones,tablets, or whatever device you might be using. Installing a home or office alarm and monitored security […]

Don’t get locked out!

  Happy Holidays from Bayside Locksmith & Security It is that time of season when the cold and snow are coming. You do not want to be locked out of your vehicle, home, or business. Being locked out of house is a situation that can happen to anyone and at anytime of the night or […]

Locksmith Tools

I would like to start out by saying thanks for your business and have a Happy Thanksgiving! Please enjoy the first of many blogs that I will be publishing bi weekly/monthly. LOCKSMITH TOOLS There are dozens of different locksmith tools that I use which can be used for all sorts of lock picking requirements. I […]